Located next to the River Ebro, Riojaforum was established in order to meet the rising demand in the cultural sector and for conferences as new and comprehensive centres within the area were lacking. Riojaforum is a new venue in 21st century La Rioja, which has a contemporary, timeless and innovative design. A forum where architecture, design, functionality, location and excellent communications come together to meet the demands and needs of conference attendees, guests etc.

It is a flexible, functional and well-designed space which is 100% versatile and suitable for hosting a wide range of events.

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 7pm

LOGROÑO. Calle San Millán, 23 – 25, 26004 Logroño

Press, equipment hire, catering, wine bar, cultural performances.

Projectors, sound systems, video streaming services, plasma screens, production and recording service, etc. Ticket office.

Auditorium6712 m21223
Chamber Hall1582 m2418
Catering Area60
Room 1060-80
Banquet Room628 m2400600250
Wine bar10
Multi-purpose room 1161,5 m24015010084
Multi-purpose room 2161,5 m24015010084
Multi-purpose room 1+2325,7 m266330250195
Meeting room 399,2 m23040609054
Meeting room 448,8 m2154527
Meeting room 548,8 m2154527
Room 4+599,2 m230906054
Room 660 m2245430
Room 736,6 m2163518
Room 840,8 m2163518
Room 948 m2205024
Lobby 01300 m26001000
Lobby -21100 m26001000