Built by the architect between 1905 and 1908, the Palau de la Música Catalana is considered one of the architectural gems of Catalan Modernism (in its interior, all of the applied arts come together: sculpture, mosaic, stained glass windows and ironwork) and, has therefore become an inevitable meeting spot for Catalonia’s cultural and social scene. The Palau, home to the Orfeó Català, has the only Modernist concert hall in the world to be declared a “World Heritage site” by UNESCO.

Catering services available daily (cafe), catering service for events.

Open daily to the public.

To purchase tickets:
Monday – Saturday: 9.30am – 9pm
Sunday and Public holidays: 10am – 3pm and two hours before the show (if there is one).

Cafe service: 8.20am – 12am.

BARCELONA. C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6, 08003 Barcelona

2 concert halls, open spaces and catering.

Rooms Size Capacity
U-shaped Theater Banquet Coctel School
CONCERT HALL 189,18m2 2.015 pax (s)
CONCERT HALL (covering the stalls) 350 pax 550 pax
CONCERT HALL (venue for events) 90 pax 60 pax
PETIT PALAU 161,14 m2 120 pax * 538 pax (s) 120 pax * 150 pax *
ORFEî CATALË rehearsal room 189,45 m2 120 pax (s) 60 pax 70 pax
LLUIS MILLET event room 112,38 m2 70-80 pax 70 pax 100 pax 50 pax
FOYER 499,81 m2 320 pax 400 pax
PLAZA DEL PALAU 292,52 m2 140 pax 140 pax 200 pax
RESTAURANT MIRADOR DEL PALAU (PLATA 2) --- 60 pax 90 pax 130 pax
* = (boxes without seats)
(s) = seats