L’Auditori is Barcelona’s latest music venue and is the heart of the city’s music scene in the fields of promotion, teaching and research. It is a modern building, designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, with premises covering 42,000 square metres. It is situated near Plaça de les Glòries.

In addition to its modern, stern looking exterior, it is worth mentioning the main entrance hall which features a monumental glass cube, decorated with etched paintings by Pablo Palazuelo. The auditorium acoustics have been painstakingly studied by specialist engineer Higini Arau.

Ticket office:
Tuesday to Friday: 5pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm and 5pm – 9pm
Sunday: Open an hour before the performance.

Bar service is available inside the building as well as an outdoor cafe (Llanterna) for the duration of the performance.

BARCELONA. C/Lepant 150. 08013 Barcelona

Catering services available for performances as well as events.

2 concert halls, open spaces and catering.

FOYER892 m2500 pax1500 pax
EVENT HALL 1 PAU CASALS267 m2 (st)2.199 pax (s)
EVENT HALL 2 ORIOL MARTORELL130 m2 (st)586 pax (s)
EVENT HALL 3 TETE MONTOLIU200 m2 (w.s.)358 pax (s)140 pax300 pax
EVENT HALL 4 ALICIA DE LARROCHA165 m2 (w.s.)152 pax (s)70pax200 pax
EVENT HALL 5120 m280 pax100 pax
OUTSIDEneed to consult
(s) = seats
(st) = stage
(w.s.) = without seats